Malvani Cuisine

Malvan has its unique culture signified by its Marathi-Konkani dialect and Food. Malvan is traditionally known for its unique dialect of Marathi / Konkani called Malvani. The cuisine of this region is popularly known as Malvani cuisine. Coconut, Rice and fish assume prime significance in the Malavani cuisine.

Malvan is also known for Malvani Alphanso mango. Don't forget to taste following food which are speciality of Malvan.
Malvani Khaja (Sweet made from besan flour & coated jaggery) & variety of Malvani Ladoos.
Sol Kadhi is the pink colored appetizer drink made of the kokam fruit and Coconut Milk and often drunk after particularly hot and spicy Malvani meal
Verity of spicy seafood like Kombdi wade, Crab curry, Chicken Sukha, Stuffed Pomfret, Fried crispy Prawns